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Installed in Narbonne, your Emeraude practitioner offers you several types of sensual or naturist massages: lingam massage, erotic sensual reciprocal massage, hot thai body, Deluxe body... In this section, discover a complete overview of the services and the rates practiced. It is in an elegant and refined setting that your certified masseuse will help you let go and forget the burden of everyday life. Discover a world of sensuality and charm made for you!

N.B.: At the Emerald Salon, there is no sexual intercourse, no fellatio, no cunnilingus during the massages. Your release will be done with gentleness, professionalism, and above all, respect.


At your disposal, a space dedicated to well-being and health. In 3 massage rooms, your masseuse offers you :



The Body Body Massage Deluxe is a delicious erotic massage in which the masseuse massages you with her entire body. An intensely sensual body massage with an extra highlight.



Imagine: a naked woman glides over you with

warm oil as a "conductive" factor. A very sensual massage giving special attention to the relaxation of the body allowing you to enjoy intensely this extremely erotic massage.

Sometimes the "urge" is so strong that you can no longer enjoy a delicious erotic massage.

For these gentlemen, there is the Deluxe Body Massage.

The masseuse has eyes only for you and where normally she massages your back first, the masseuse starts with your erogenous zones on the front and massages your penis, testicles and scrotum. This is done in a very tender way allowing you to ejaculate. After this relief, you turn around and a nice relaxing massage begins. The shoulders, back, buttocks, legs, arms and hands are the focus of all his attention. And with gentle caresses, the masseuse lets you enjoy this delicious body massage.

You can indicate whether you want more or less pressure during these rhythmic caresses. Once you have "recovered", the masseuse starts the erotic game again.

She pours the oil over your body and then gives you a very erotic and sensual body massage.

The rhythm and pressure of her feminine forms are an important element. The goal is to seduce you so that you have a second orgasm.


Price : 180 euros for 90 minutes / 2 manual releases :
supplement of 10 euros
for the G-spot (the prostate)


Introduction :

Sensuality, sharing and refinement are the basis of this massage. The erotic role play stimulates the whole libido. This role play can be a moment of absolute excitement.


This massage begins with an erotic role play of your choice, stimulating the mind and body, which provides a natural exchange of caresses and sensuality. The massage of the King's choice, aims to create the conditions for an exchange between the masseuse and the massaged. The mental and physical connection is at the heart of this massage.

Then comes the massage made of body to body and massage with the hands. This massage is particularly sensual. Through erotic touches.


Price : 220 euros for 90 minutes / 2 manual releases :
supplement of 10 euros
for the G-spot (prostate)


Introduction :

The absolute of the senses will make you vibrate for a moment of magic which will be punctuated with the wiggling of your masseuse. A subtle and fusional massage to discover without moderation.

Concept :

When the body is freed from all inhibitions, the prohibitions give way to the discovery of the senses! The absolute of the senses is undoubtedly the sensual service par excellence.

At Émeraude, the body becomes artistic, the masseuse reveals herself without concession, in all her splendor, without modesty, with candor to put all your senses in effervescence and discover moments of intense well-being for a release.


Price : 110 euros for 90 minutes / 1 manual release :
supplement of 10 euros
for the G-spot (prostate)




A massage with repeated passes over your face and a view to rock all your senses. 


The patchwork is a high-flying massage, a body-to-body, doubled with mixtures of massages,

The whole in a mix of extremely hot sensuality, by its hot body to body which will make you quiver as you go along, slides of the burning body of Emerald, on all the parts of your body...


Price : 120 euros for 60 minutes / 1 manual release :
supplement of 10 euros
for the G-spot (the prostate)



Introduction :

A body to body of the most erotic, this massage is very appreciated by these gentlemen

Concept :

A body-to-body in all its splendor, very erotic and sensual, pleasure for your body as for your eyes. 

My body, my buttocks, my breasts, my hands ... the heat of my body that undulates on your body in very hot, very sensual slides just for your pleasure gentlemen.


Price : 130 euros for 30 minutes / 1 manual release :
supplement of 10 euros
for the G-spot (the prostate)




The Lingam is respected and fully embraced as a "Wand of Light" developing the channels of creative energy and pleasure.


Orgasm is not the goal of the Lingam massage

although it can be a pleasant and welcome side effect. The goal is to massage the Lingam, including the testicles, the perineum and the Sacral point (prostate), allowing the man to surrender to a form of pleasure he is not necessarily used to.


Price: 80 euros for 30 minutes / 120 euros for 60 minutes / 1 manual release :
supplement of 10 euros.
for the G-spot ( the prostate )



Introduction :

The combination of relaxation for your well-being.Chinese massage, for a moment of escape guaranteed.A moment of relaxation and relaxation tonic, in a Zen atmosphere, escape and release all the muscle tension accumulated.

Concept :

The repetition of these movements is reputed to dissolve stasis, unblock meridians, soothe pain and deeply relax tissues. The repetition of these movements is known to dissolve stasis, unblock meridians, soothe pain and relax tissues, eliminate blockages and stimulate the body's self-healing capacity, promote blood and energy circulation and help reduce pain.


Price: 100 euros for 60 minutes / 1 manual release:
supplement of 10 euros 
for the G-spot (prostate)








A sensory experience made of slow circular movements and light caresses that will quickly plunge you into a delicious state of relaxation and well-being. The Chinese massage, for a moment of escape guaranteed. A moment of relaxation and tonic relaxation, in a Zen atmosphere, escape and release all the muscular tensions accumulated.

Concept :

Performed on a professional massage table, this hyper relaxing massage consists of gently massaging your entire body, from the tip of your feet to the top of your head, front and back, using a natural oil subtly scented and slightly warmer than body temperature.

It is a regenerating and soothing massage with immediate benefits: soothing of nervous and muscular tensions, feeling of lightness and letting go

( for the connoisseurs !! )


Price : 100 euros for 60 minutes / 1 manual release
150€ for 90 minutes / 2 manual releases:
supplement of 10 euros
for the G-spot (the prostate)



Because of its health benefits often overlooked during most of the massage. You may have hang-ups that you don't realize.You won't get this kind of attention in the average sensual massage parlors where massages are like a quick and easy way to make extra money. The masseuses in these places tend to be very mechanical and lazy.To have a licensed professional masseuse devote time and a lot of attention in this so neglected area with knowledge is already a pleasure.

Concept :

NUAD KARSAI - Taoist Urogenital Therapeutic Massage

Karsai" = (blockages) the sediment in the blood vessels

Nuad Karsai is an ancient Taoist massage (from Traditional Chinese Medicine) and is performed mainly on the genitals (and lower abdomen).

Karsai (blockages) occur in all parts of the body. These blockages come from the aging process, emotional and physical trauma, toxins, heavy metals, air pollution, poor diet, pesticides put in our food, polluted water and too much stress.

When the body is full of toxins, it is impossible for the organs to function properly. By releasing the toxicity and tension, more energy and fluid is available to balance and heal the organs. There are many different types of blockages.

Nuad Karzai focuses on blockages in the genital area, especially blockages that take the form of sedimentation in the veins. In order to have healthy functioning genitals, we must have a rich supply of blood flow.

When this blood flow is blocked by crystals like sedimentation and fatty acid deposits, human sexual arousal is greatly affected.

With poor blood flow to the genital area the man will experience difficulty in achieving and maintaining a good erection.

Nuad Karzai releases the blockages and sedimentation that cause poor blood circulation so that both men and women can resume healthy sexual functions.

Another important benefit of Nuad Karzai is an improvement in hormonal balance. A healthy balance of hormones stimulates sexual function and the brain. When we have healthy hormonal function, we have some protection against many age-related problems such as memory loss, back pain, poor circulation, problems associated with libido...

Nuad karsai is especially important for men and women, for all those who feel sexually blocked. The blockages and sedimentations become manifest from the age of 40 years.

It is a powerful therapeutic massage,

I work on the pelvis, abdomen, buttocks and groin,

the testicles ....

Price : 110 euros for 60 minutes
160€ for 90 minutes / 1 manual release
supplement of 10 euros
for the G-spot (the prostate)



Introduction :

Harmonize your emotions with Chi Nei Tsang!


The belly is designated in Chinese medicine as the second brain of our body. Taoists consider it to be the seat of our emotions.

Chi Nei Tsang, derived from Qi Qong, is a belly massage technique that aims at releasing the negative energies concentrated in the abdomen and at harmonizing our emotions.

"I have a knot in my stomach.

I had the breath taken away " ;

"I'm making myself sick,

"I have a lump in my stomach

but also

"I have butterflies in my stomach"...

These expressions are not insignificant. L

he emotions, positive as well as negative, find their sources in the abdomen, and have an obvious influence on our physical state. Chi Nei Tsang (literally Chi or Qi, energy and Nei Tsang or Nei Zang, organs) is a massage that relies on the five major systems of the body: vascular, lymphatic, nervous, muscular and energy.

Recycle your waste

Chi Nei Tsang consists in freeing and releasing the "perverse energies trapped in the body". These perverse energies or "winds" can weaken the nervous system and internal organs and disturb the emotional energy.

In Taoist philosophy, one learns to "recycle one's waste" by isolating it from others, and to get rid of it before it comes to "pollute" the brain.


Price: 60 euros for 60 minutes
110€ for 90 minutes / 1 manual release
extra charge of 10 euros
for the G-spot (the prostate)