Who am I?

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"I have always been interested in holistic approaches (therapies that take into account the whole person). A few years ago, while struggling with a health problem, I came across Dr. Christian Tal Schaller. A general practitioner in Switzerland, he is one of the pioneers of holistic medicine, but also a writer and lecturer.

During the 10 years that he followed and helped me, he taught me all these holistic approaches so that I could become my own doctor and a good therapist. I continued my spiritual quest on the path of well-being by discovering other approaches, such as shamanism by Master Johanne Razanamahay-Schaller. Rich in these teachings, I was able to help others as a holotherapist.

Motivated by my thirst for learning and my passion, I have undertaken trainings in human geobiology, trainings in transgenerational analysis, trainings in several types of relaxing massages in Paris, trainings in clairvoyance with Denis Tran, a training in telepathy with animals with Olivia Filippi, as well as a teaching in Indian ancestral genital massages with Master Dayem kayya (master in sexual arts)...

I look forward to meeting you and helping you!

Sensually yours..."